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Robotics Centre of Excellence

CVRCE Robotics Centre of Excellence is a state of the art Embedded Systems and Robotics training centre, situated in the premise of C.V. Raman College of Engineering, Bhubaneswar. It has been set up in the year 2013 with collaboration of ED Co. Ltd, South Korea with a focus of strengthening technology training and improving educational systems. A faculty team from CVRCE has been to South Korea to take training on Embedded Systems and Robotics. Since inception, it has been imparting high quality Embedded Systems and Robotics training to CVRCE as well as to other engineering college students.

To further improve the diversity and quality of training, an e-yantra embedded systems and robotics lab has been set up with the collaboration of E-Yantra Lab, IIT Bombay in the year 2016. In this lab students get opportunity work on Firebird V and Spark Robots.

Programme @ Robotics

Embedded Systems & Robotics (60Hrs)

This course is especially designed to bridge that gap by providing an opportunity to the students.

Robotics (40Hrs)

Course covers fundamental of Robot working, programming and integrating process.



Why Embedded systems and Robotics

In the present day scenario popularity of Embedded Systems and Robotics is spreading very rapidly. Almost every home/everybody are using embedded system directly or indirectly. Example of Embedded systems are: Calculator, Computer Keyboard, Mouse, Pen drive, Digital watch, Electronics Toys, TV/DTH remotes, Washing machine, Digital weight machine, printer, etc. The list of the embedded devices is endless. We are so attached/depended on the embedded devices that one cannot think of spending a day without Embedded Systems. Robotics is the new emerging technology.


ED Co. Ltd, South Korea

In the year 2013 C.V. Raman College of Engineering and ED Co. Ltd, South Korea had entered into a common understanding of collaboration..

E-yantra Lab, IIT Bombay

Under the roof of CVRCE Robotics Centre of Excellence, e-yantra Embedded Systems & Robotics Lab has also been setup in the year 2016.

Director's Message

Dr. P. Kanungo
Prof. Priyadarshi Kanungo Phone: +91-0000000000 Email: robotics.coe@ssepl.net

C.V Raman Robotics Center of Excellence (CoE) established in collaboration with ED Corporation, Korea is one of the best Robotics CoE in India. The center prides itself of being equipped with the latest State-of-the-Art Robots such as “Mobile Omni-directional Robot”, “Intelligent Robot Trainer”, “Intelligent Robot Developer Kit”, “5-Axis Arm Robot Trainer”, “Fire-bird Robot” and many more. The faculties and trainers are trained in the area of robotics in ED Corporation, Korea and e-Yantra Lab IIT Bombay have developed the training modules as per the industry and social need. This CoE is involved in imparting training to ITI, Diploma and B.Tech students in manual as well as automatic Robot designing. The training modules designed to embed the skills on fundamental of Robotics, Robotics Architecture, Motor controlling using driver ICs, Basic components of Embedded System, Hardware Classification of Embedded System, and Robotics on real time projects. Apart from the training activities this CoE has commendable achievements in different robotics product development and the research activities in the field of obstacle avoidance of robots on dynamic environment. I am confident that this extensive hands-on experience in Robotics training will enhance the skillset of students to handle the intelligent machines in the smart world and will open up new opportunities for placement in the area of robotics and automation.

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